Welcome to Force Majeure Inc

The foundation of your home is the single most important structure in your home. Your foundation is providing support for everything above it. Every part of a home relies on the foundation to be just that, a FOUNDATION. When a foundation fails, it can make you question the integrity of the entire structure and your investment in it. At Force Majeure, we know this is not a comfortable position to be in. Force Majeure believes that our method of repair can restore your confidence in your foundation, leaving you able to focus your attention on what makes a house a home… You and your family.

We take pride in offering solutions that are proper and forever solutions. Not a temporary fix, or a cost cutting approach that is going to fail in the future. We believe in something my father has quoted to me since I was a boy, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time!” Failure to follow this means you will have to come back and do the job again. Force Majeure provides Engineered solutions that have stood the test of time. This means peace of mind for what is typically the largest investment you may ever make, Your HOME!

Choosing a contractor that you can trust is a big decision. Force Majeure wants to make sure we provide you with the knowledge that will help in this decision. We provide free, no obligation estimates and or consultations to offer solutions to any problems you may be facing with your homes most important structure. At the end of the day we want you and your family to be safe and protected in the space that you spend most of your time, Your HOME.