Force Majeure Competitive advantage

Why do we get the job done right the first time?  It’s the question we ask and answer ourselves every job we construct.  It is also the single most important question our customers should ask us.  You’ve gone through the bid process and what have you learned?

  • Many different pier types
  • Many different contractors
  • It is expensive no matter who you use
  • Way more work than you thought possible
  • Some contractors want half the money upfront
  • The work isn’t guaranteed???

Most contractors including the biggest names in the industry will do a job that incorporates a helical pier for repositioning and stability however they can’t tell you how expensive each pier will be or even tell you for sure whether or not they can restore the height and placement of the foundation wall.  What???  We not only do not use helical piers; we rebuild the foundation footings before we restore height and stabilize the foundation.  We quote a price that isn’t variable and yes we guarantee not only that we can raise and level the foundation but also that it won’t sink again.  If you have read this and still don’t think we have a competitive advantage and should be awarded the contract to nurse your home back to health then call us and schedule a no-obligation quote so our architect can come and show you exactly what you are getting when you accept the bid from Force Majeure Inc.