Our Services

Foundation Piering

Sometimes foundation footings can sink. There are many variables that can attribute to a failing foundation. Force Majeure Inc. utilizes the strongest Pier system in the industry. These are installed under the footing and or slab and raise it back to its original position. We use the strongest Pier system in the industry and is guaranteed to lift and stabilize your house. GUARANTEED!

Concrete Repair

Cracks in concrete are a common thing. Sometimes it is something to expect and cannot be prevented. Force Majeure Inc. will tackle all projects related to foundations, footings, sidewalks, driveways, etc. We can repair fractures, separations, gaps pretty much any imperfection no matter how big or small.

Wall Straightening

In the Midwest the soil tends to have heavy amounts of clay in it. Clay will expand when wet and contract when dry. This back and forth during the seasons can cause excess pressure to the walls of a foundation. This can cause the walls to fall inward. Force Majeure Inc. Utilizes a 4-step wall straightening process. In the first step, we excavate the soil away from the wall to remove the pressure. Then we use a combination of 6×6 posts, bottle jacks and angle iron to correct the wall back to its original position. The second step involves installing our piers under the footing to bring it back to its correct position. Step three involves epoxy injecting the cracks and voids that are accessible. The fourth and final step is to install the wall bracing on the interior of the wall. These wall braces go from the footing beneath the wall up to the floor joists above and are structurally tied together.

Stone Foundation Repair

Kansas City and its surrounding areas are full of history. This history comes with traditional stone foundations in many locations. These foundations require a more precise and controlled hand in fixing. When these foundation types are sinking, we look to our Pier System to provide the solution. Our Pier system was designed to take these types of delicate foundations into account.

Many stone foundations become brittle and flaky on the surface. Force Majeure Inc, can resurface these walls to a more smooth and flat appearance. We utilize a special mortar mix and apply this to the walls. This covers the stone and provides a more finished look and feel.

French Drains

Diverting rainwater away from your foundation is important for the integrity of the foundation. This prevents eroding of the soil near the foundation and prevents damage from pooling rainwater. We install an in-ground system to bring this water to an acceptable runoff location. This consists of a trench being dug, with a rock base and a pipe to transfer the water.

Sump Pumps

Some older foundations were installed without the installation of a drainage method or a sump pump. Force Majeure Inc can install a drainage solution and a sump pump to help gather and disperse water that may be pooling around your foundation during and after a rain. This consists of saw cutting the interior floor to add in a drainage system as well as cutting and digging a pit for the sump. The drain around the interior edge of the wall consists of a rock bed with a drain pipe above to gather and direct the water to the sump pump installation point. The sump pump then pumps the water up and out of the house to a designated point away from the foundation.